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The Power of the Pink Moon: Manifestation and Cleansing Rituals for a Fresh Start

The Pink Moon is a name given to the full moon that occurs in April. It is called the Pink Moon not because it actually appears pink, but because it traditionally marks the arrival of pink flowers, specifically the pink phlox.

In terms of spiritual significance, the Pink Moon is often associated with renewal, growth, and manifestation. It is believed to be a time of great potential for cleansing and clearing away negative energy, as well as setting intentions for the future.

One popular ritual to perform during the Pink Moon is a cleansing bath. You can add ingredients like sea salt, rose petals, and lavender oil to your bathwater to help purify your energy and release any negativity you may be holding onto. As you soak in the bath, visualize yourself releasing any negative energy and envision yourself filling up with light and positive energy.

Another ritual that can be performed during the Pink Moon is a manifestation ceremony. You can create a list of your goals and intentions, then burn the list as a symbol of releasing your desires to the universe. As the list burns, visualize yourself already in possession of the things you desire and feel the gratitude and joy that comes with achieving them.

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