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Couples Workshops

Explore our exclusive selection of specialized couples workshops, seamlessly integrated into your retreat itinerary, designed to elevate your experience and foster a profound connection. Crafted to strengthen trust and refine communication skills, each additional workshop spans from 1 hour to 90 minutes, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the chosen topic.


Invest in your relationship with our expertly facilitated workshops, priced at $400 each, or maximize your experience with our special offer: enjoy three workshops for $1,000.


Elevate your retreat to new heights as you embark on a shared journey of growth, connection, and enrichment, with a focus on achieving lasting results.

Golden sun at a luxury yoga retreat in Malibu Beach, California

Embodied Connection through
Partner Yoga

Immerse yourselves in partner yoga and trust exercises that transcend the physical, fostering a deeper connection. Explore poses that demand trust and communication, creating a shared journey of intimacy and understanding.

Mindful Communication Mastery

Elevate your relationship through guided mindful communication exercises, including active listening practices, mindful speaking circles, non-verbal communication explorations, empathy-building exercises, mindful listening walks, and the art of storytelling and vulnerability. Strengthen your connection by mastering the skills of deep and meaningful communication.

Couples Meditation Journey

Embark on a transformative meditation experience tailored for couples. These sessions emphasize emotional connection and introspection, allowing you and your partner to explore the depths of your relationship through a shared meditative journey.

The Art of Touch

Massage and the 5 Elements: Delve into the profound world of touch and massage inspired by the ancient principles of Tantra. The Massage of 5 Elements workshop is a complete sensory experience, awakening a range of sensations that cultivate integrity, sensitivity, and body awareness. Discover the importance of touch as a non-verbal language to bond deeply with your partner.

Constructive Conflict Resolution Skills

Navigate conflicts in your relationship with grace and understanding through our Conflict Resolution Workshops. Explore different conflict styles, learn emotional regulation techniques, and address the vital components of forgiveness and repair in conflict resolution. Equip yourselves with the tools for effective communication in challenging moments.

Dance and Movement for Connection

Immerse yourselves in the language of dance and movement to enhance non-verbal communication between partners. This workshop fosters trust, vulnerability, and teamwork while providing an outlet for expressing emotions. Experience stress reduction, increased intimacy, and a sense of fun and playfulness as you deepen your mind-body connection through the joy of movement.

Money Mastery for Couples

"Money Mastery for Couples" is a dynamic workshop designed to help partners navigate finances together with confidence and unity. Through engaging activities and discussions, couples will learn effective communication strategies, collaborative budgeting techniques, and practical skills for building financial harmony and achieving shared goals.

Harmonizing Hearts: Navigating Emotions Together with Buddhist and Psychological Insights

"Harmonizing Hearts" is a transformative workshop designed to help couples navigate emotions together using insights from Buddhist philosophy and modern psychology. Through experiential exercises and meaningful discussions, partners will learn practical strategies for fostering compassion, empathy, and emotional connection, enriching their relationship journey with harmony and resilience.

Partners in Paint: A Couples' Creative Expression Workshop

"Partners in Paint: A Couples' Creative Expression Workshop" invites couples to embark on a journey of connection and creativity as they explore their relationship dynamics and shared experiences through collaborative painting. Through guided prompts and themes inspired by their love, laughter, and shared passions, couples deepen their bond and create meaningful artwork together.

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