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Golden sun at a luxury yoga retreat in Malibu Beach, California
My 3 Day Women's Yoga and Sound Healing Retreat in Topanga Canyon, California was an absolute game-changer for me. These precious days allowed me to escape from the chaos of my busy life, and I can't express how rejuvenating it was. The raw vegan, freshly prepared meals were not only delicious but also incredibly detoxifying, and Ashlee's fresh pressed juices were a delightful bonus. This retreat's exclusivity made it even more special, and the impeccable customer service throughout my stay made me feel truly pampered. The guided hiking tour in Topanga Canyon was breathtaking, and the yoga and sound healing sessions were pure bliss. A transformative experience I will cherish forever. 



I am thrilled to share my experience at the 3-Day Luxury Couples Yoga and Sound Healing Retreat in Topanga Canyon, California. From the moment we arrived, my boyfriend and I felt a sense of tranquility enveloping us. The daily yoga sessions were a revelation, tailored precisely to our individual needs. We particularly adored the yin and restorative yoga classes, which left us feeling rejuvenated and deeply relaxed.

One of the highlights of the retreat was the enchanting evening candlelight session, coupled with the mesmerizing sound healing using Tibetan singing bowls. The soothing vibrations resonated through our muscles and minds, creating a profound sense of peace. In fact, my boyfriend was so blissfully affected that he peacefully drifted off to sleep during the session.

The retreat's location amidst the lush forests of Topanga Canyon was a sight to behold. We were treated to breathtaking sunset views from our balcony, immersing ourselves in nature's majestic beauty. The serenity of the surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for our reconnection as a couple.

The delectable cuisine served throughout the retreat was an absolute delight. The delicious, nourishing, and cleansing meals truly catered to our well-being, enhancing our overall experience. It was a pleasure to savor each bite, knowing that we were fueling our bodies with love and care.

Exploring Topanga Canyon added an extra layer of adventure to our retreat. The blend of fun, cool, and artsy vibes in the area made our hikes and explorations even more enjoyable. Escaping the hustle and bustle of city life allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the natural wonders and reconnect with one another.

We extend our deepest gratitude for the memorable stay and highly recommend this retreat to anyone seeking a transformative experience. The attention to detail, the nurturing environment, and the beautiful surroundings make it a truly remarkable getaway. Thank you for creating such a profound and rejuvenating experience.



Attending your women empowerment yoga and sound healing retreat in Ojai was an incredible experience for me. As a first-time explorer of raw veganism, I was initially hesitant about surviving solely on salads, but thanks to Ashlee’s remarkable talent in creating delicious and flavorful snacks, my perspective on raw veganism completely shifted. The retreat left me feeling deeply cleansed and rejuvenated, especially with the refreshing and revitalizing fresh-pressed juices. The soothing sound baths were so relaxing that I even found myself dozing off during some moments. The yoga sessions were a perfect fit for me as a beginner, and Ashlee’s flowing style made it easy to follow along. The women empowerment workshops were enlightening and expanded my understanding of healthy communication and setting boundaries. Moreover, the luxurious and breathtaking setting provided the perfect backdrop to indulge in nature’s own luxury. Thank you for creating such a transformative and empowering retreat.



Amazing Experience!

Thank you so much Ashlee for an amazing week. Your yoga classes were very well tailored to my ability and were suitably adjusted to the moment. Your food was out of this world and just what my body needed. The hiking and scenery was breath taking and I toughly enjoyed my time with you and Sam exploring Yosemite, Mariposa and surrounding areas. The location is ideal for anyone who needs to get away from everything and beautifully set up. Once again I cannot thank you enough and I highly recommending your retreat to anyone who needs a good reset and a springboard to making positive life changes. Much love to you both. Namaste!



Rate: Excellent 

Like best: The people! Ashlee and her partner are wonderful people, they will welcome you and have you feeling like 'home' ! They are wonderful to talk with, and wonderful to be with. The location is far removed from the worries of the world, and I can think of no better place to gather yourself and rejuvenate.


Would recommend: yes

Anything to add:

A retreat from the world.

Filled with the stresses of life, 

A need to escape from the nightmare within,

Everything pressing in,

Burdening your spirit,

A welcoming,

Both the people and the place,

Embracing you as a long lost friend that has just been met,

Bringing light and joy,

Where once was darkness and pain,

Opening their hearts to bring healing,

Soothing the soul, bringing inner peace,

Releasing your pain, releasing your sorrows, releasing your worries,

Re-leasing your life, re-leasing your mind, re-leasing your spirit,

And as my time here comes to an end, like a wonderful sunset,

A new day begins with a dawning ray of light and a new beginning. 

~ Shawn Thurston



"Had an amazing stay, first retreat for me"

Ashlee is a lovely yoga instructor and host. If your aim is to push your body and get benefits from your retreat then this is a good option. You drive shortly downa  dirt road off a normal country road, and end up on the top of a ridge looking over a valley and structureless landscape. Ashlee will push you in yoga every session, but most importantly, she is an overall wonderfull person all the time. She will show you around and make you feel at home. She is very easy going, has great energy, and also will put you at ease with smoothies and vegan food that she makes while you get to enjoy every moment of your experience. I decided to book Ashlee all day and do a couple different hikes around and in Yosemite. It was so fun and she was super up for new adventures. Her boyfriend Sam, came along and he was also very nice and friendly. Overall, I had a great stay, and was opened up  to so many new and wonderful things along the way. If you want a vacation that is bliss, this is the spot. 



Rate: Excellent

Ashlee was very accommodating. We stayed in the house and it was clean, beautiful, and comfortable. The yoga sessions and sound therapy sessions were very spiritual and brought us to a relaxed calm space. I am still basking in the after glow a week later. The food was delicious and healthy. I started cooking the same meals when I returned home. There are wonderful hikes around the location. We hiked to a beautiful waterfall on our last day where we swam and enjoyed the cool water. The entire weekend could not be beat. I highly recommend and we plan to return each year if not a few times a year. Simply put a wonderful relaxing experience. 



Outstanding & Celestial Sound Yoga Therapy Retreat-

This experience at Garden of Dreams Wellness Yoga retreat was ethereal! The hostess made certain that I was comfortable and happy. All of my needs were met. She is hospitable, compassionate, and warm. Ashlee's Yoga sound therapy was MAGICAL & HEALING!! I could feel all the stress from this year exit my body during her Yoga therapy sessions. She prepared and served delectable & savory vegan dishes personalized to my preferences. Morning Yin was delightful as the birds sing along with Ashlee's singing bowls and night time yoga was heavenly as your gaze takes you to the sparkling stars and moonlit sky. Being surrounded by the glorious trees and their fragrant aroma restored my energy and spirituality. The Himalayan salt water hot tub was divine as turkeys trotted by and the precious rabbits playfully scurry along and some just sat right by us. Crickets fill the cool night air with tranquility and bliss. Garden of Dreams Wellness retreat is an environment of serenity, grandeur and love. Thank you for lifting my spirits and for your healing therapy sessions and your love! 



If I could rate over 5 stars I would! If you're looking for a getaway that feels like royalty in the mountains, this is the place to go! Celebrated my 25 birthday with my boyfriend; we got to enjoy the hot tub, yoga dome, outdoor movie night, and so much more. Ashley was nothing short of amazing, she attended to every need we had and made us feel so at home. Thank you again, Ashlee for the great experience! We will definitely be back soon!



Ashlee's session was beyond words. Expert guided meditation, incredible moving energy, sensitive, intuitive healer. She helped me open up channels and really made me feel held, nurtured and supported in a safe space. Ashlee is magnificent in every way!



Ashlee is exceptionally beautiful, a being of light, beaming and warm like the sun. Her sessions are strong, fluid, flowing, and intentional. She listened and tailored the session to my needs.



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