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A vast golden sand desert at sunset.




A golden lion-faced sun enclosed within a radiant triangle, logo for Sunshine Paradise Retreat

Emerging amidst the global challenges of 2021, Sunshine Paradise Retreat is rooted in its beginnings in the tranquil landscapes of Yosemite, California. Enveloped by the beauty of the valley from which its name derives, the founding vision of Sunshine Paradise Retreat was to create a haven for discerning professionals in search of a serene escape—a sanctuary to unplug, unwind, and revitalize.

Sunrise Serenity: Birth of Sunshine Paradise Retreat in Yosemite

Vast mountains on a sunny day in Yosemite, California
Sunset over ocean and beach in Malibu, California

Commencing with humble origins, Sunshine Paradise Retreat has metamorphosed into an opulent and refined experience, underpinned by an unwavering dedication to delivering exemplary 5-star customer service. More than a mere commitment to hospitality, the Sunshine Paradise mission extends to guiding clients towards achieving their desired results, fostering a transformative journey towards leading a higher vibrational life. As Sunshine Paradise expands its presence across the Californian landscape, from Ojai to Topanga Canyon, Laguna Beach, and Malibu Beach, each location is meticulously chosen to offer a lavish experience deeply immersed in the embrace of nature's luxury.

Transformative Escapes: Sunshine Paradise's Journey

As we cast our gaze to the future, Sunshine Paradise Retreat stands at the threshold of global expansion, unveiling a distinctive Dream Destination feature. This bespoke offering empowers guests to collaboratively craft their personalized yoga retreat, transcending geographical boundaries to manifest an extraordinary experience anywhere in the world.

Crafting Dreams: Sunshine Paradise's Global Vision

East asian buddhist temple in a lush jungle.
A beautiful blonde girl dressed in all white standing on a patio balcony overlooking Topanga Canyon at a yoga retreat

Enter the realm of Sunshine Paradise Retreat's visionary, Ashlee Sunshine—a seasoned Holistic Lifestyle Guide with a global perspective and extensive wellness expertise. Dwelling in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, Ashlee ardently dedicates herself to empowering individuals, especially those navigating hectic schedules, on their transformative journey toward self-care and relaxation.

Sunshine's Guidance: Navigating Wellness with Ashlee

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