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Uber Retreat with Sunshine Paradise: Bring Zen Home

Transform Your Space, Renew Your Spirit

Sunshine Paradise Retreat Delivered to Your Door- Your Personal Oasis, Anywhere You Desire!

Pricing starts at $1,600 for a 1 day retreat. 
Additional fees may apply based on location and number of days. 

Reach out to Sunshine Paradise Retreat to express your interest in our Uber Retreat service.

01. Contact Us

We'll schedule a consultation to understand your preferences, needs, and desired location for the retreat experience.

02. Consultation

Based on your consultation, we'll tailor a personalized retreat plan that includes daily, yoga, meditation, and/or breath-work sessions, sound healing, organic meals, hiking, detox baths and more.

03. Customization

Once you're satisfied with the plan, confirm your booking with us.

04. Confirmation

We'll prepare everything needed for your retreat, from equipment to ingredients for your meals.

05. Preparation

On the agreed-upon date, our dedicated team will arrive at your location, ready to set up and guide you through each session.

06. Arrival

Immerse yourself in the retreat experience from the comfort of your own home or chosen location. Let go of stress and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

07. Relax & Enjoy

Throughout the retreat, our team will be available to provide five-star support, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

08. Support

Leave the retreat feeling refreshed, revitalized and ready to take on the world with a renewed sense of well-being.

09. Rejuvenated 

How it works:

Bring Peace Wherever You Are

Your Sanctuary Awaits - Don't Wait, Contact Us Now to Begin Building Your Personalized Uber Retreat Today!

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